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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Bottom Ten Moments From Dark Frontier (Descending From Bad To Worse)
Sue_B -- 18 Feb 1999, 7:32 PM

10.Janeway turns into Sybil: again with the personality change to suit the writers!
9."We're crossing the threshold"-- Tom Paris. Braga has a fetish, no doubt.
8.Samantha Wildman still on holiday
7.Another shuttle bites the dust.
6.The LUST World preview
4.The Hansen's ability to develop Borg defeating technology with a grant-funded starship replicator....figure the odds
3.The time warp from TNG to now
2.Anika Hansen actress....not compelling
1.The Hansen poor parenting but to finish on a positive note:

Top Ten Moments From Dark Frontier (From Good To Better)

10.The look exchanged between Chakotay and Tom when Janeway said she felt lucky. You could just here the "Oh sh@t".
9.The use of Naomi in the pseudo dream state. Clearly Seven relates more to Naomi than any other.
8.The common use of "maybe I'm pushing you too hard" from both mom-figures.
7.B'Elanna is enthusiastic about her task.
6.Tom is back amongst the senior staff. This is the FIRST staff meeting with everyone present since Thirty Days and it would appear Tom has retained his position as the senior officer assigned to Conn.
5.Harry and Tuvok's third trip inside a Borg cube: a record for a Starfleet officer? They need frequent flyer miles.
4.The away team pick for the Seven rescue. Janeway still relies heavily on Tuvok and apparently still trusts Tom to blow her up when ordered.
3.The Borg Queen body attachment scene. Gross but effective.
2.The horrors of assimilation. The Borg seemed particularly malevolent in this episode. Much worse than Scorpion.
1.15 years closer. Janeway is going to do this the hard way (ala the "Q and the Grey").