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Still More Top Ten Voyager Holonovels Based On Movies
Ruth -- 2 Feb 1999, 8:21 AM

Well, Captain Proton may be history but don't despair!

Here are Still More Top Ten Voyager Holonovels Based on Movies:

10.NINE-NOTCHKA. When three Borgiet officers go AWOL over the delights of Paris, it is up to the no-nonsense Nine-notchka to retrieve them. Unfortunately, it turns out that the beautiful agent is just as susceptible to the pleasures of Paris as Comrades Janeway, B'Elanna, and Kes. Watch as the handsome pilot introduces her to the twin delights of pizza and passion!
9.MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION. When playboy pilot Tom Merrick inadvertently causes noble Kathryn Phillips to go blind he dedicates his life to finding a cure. He spends hours in sickbay, honing his skills as a medic, and an equal number of hours in Kathryn's quarters helping her hone her remaining senses.
 Especially touching. He's real big on honing her sense of touch.
 Real big.
8.BEN-HARRY. Judah-Ben Harry is betrayed by his childhood friend, Parssala, and wrongfully tossed off the ship for disobeying the captain's orders. Ben-Harry's close association with Quintus Tuvokus allows him to return to Voyager in triumph and find true love with the beautiful B'Esther. The climactic shuttle race between Judah and Parssala is justifiably famous! Who wins? Here's a hint - Parssala learned everything he knows from legendary shuttle pilot Chakotakus.
7.MRS. JANIVER. Beautiful, kind, compassionate, red-haired Kay Janiver lives an idyllic life on Voyager with her devoted husband, Clemotay Janiver, and their children, including oldest son, Tom. Her strength is sorely tested when Voyager goes into battle, and the lives of those she loves are thrown into peril!
6.YOUNG DOCTOR KILPARE. First of a series. Fresh out of medical school, young Dr. Tommy Kilpare has a lot to learn about medicine. Fortunately, his mentor, Holdoctor Leonard Gillespie has a lot teach. Gillespie's crotchety exterior masks a heart of gold and throughout the series he teaches Tommy not only about medicine, but about life.
5.47TH STREET. Producer Julian Braga wants to get Voyager home! His problem is that he's unhappy with his ship's star, Dorothy Janeway. "These days captains like Janeway are a dime a dozen!" Then, in a twist of fate, Janeway breaks her ankle, leaves the show, and he has to find someone to take her place. Does he choose Tuvok or any of the other Starfleet trained officers? Nah, he chooses plucky chorine Peggy of Nine. "You're going out there a youngster, but you've got to come back a star!"
4.I AM CURIOUS (LEOLA). This Swedish holomovie is not for the prudish! We watch the insatiably inquisitive Neelix as he travels around Voyager in search of information about human beings. What does he find? Well, for one thing he finds Kes and Seven having [CENSORED]. Notice: you must be 18 or older to access this holomovie.
3.THE (ACADEMY) GRADUATE. Recent Academy graduate, Harry Kimmock is advised to go into the plastics industry, but ends up on Voyager, a ship captained by his father's old friend, Mr. Chakotay Robinson. But it is Mrs. Kathryn Robinson who takes a special *interest* in young Harry....
2.WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANEWAY? A Kyrian film production, the film focuses on the troubled relationship between former prodigy captain, Baby Janeway, and the sister who supplanted her in the Starfleet limelight, Blanche of Nine Janeway. The two aged sisters live on a secluded section of Voyager, and the once beautiful Blanche of Nine is now an invalid, and at the mercy of a demented Baby Janeway who has every reason to hate her....
1.SINGING IN THE PLASMA RAIN. Handsome Tom Lockwood is the Star Pilot in the Federation's pre-warp starships. He'd easily make the leap to warp engines, except for one thing - he's stuck with the no talent B'Lina Lamont as chief engineer. Could fresh faced engineering wannabe Carey Jo Selden be the solution to his problems?