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Top Ten Reactions The Crew Will Have When Their Mom, Er, When Their Captain Starts Dating
Ruth -- 14 Dec 1998, 4:08 PM

Well, I guess we all know the Big News from the "Counterpoint" promo: Janeway is seen in a lip lock with someone other than Chakotay. Regardless of how we all feel about that I couldn't help but wonder about:

The top ten reactions the crew will have when their Mom, er, when their Captain starts dating

10.Tom, used to getting a lot of the Captain's attention, feels neglected when Janeway begins hanging out with the ASOTW (Alien Stud of the Week). Subconsciously, Tom begins "acting out" in order to get more of her attention, doing things like coming to the bridge out of uniform, and disobeying her direct orders by attempting to perform an act of sabotage on....
 Oh wait. He's already done that. I guess he'll have to get her attention another way, huh?
9.Neelix, beside himself with excitement, begins planning for a June wedding! He is especially looking forward to the old Talaxian wedding custom of presenting the bride with a stuffed Talaxian She-Squirrellrat to place under the bride's pillow on her wedding night to ensure fertility.
8.The crew can't help but notice Janeway is not herself. When they point out that the course directions she's just sent to the helm would send them deeper into the Delta Quadrant rather than toward home, and she responds with, "oops!" She then turns to the ASOTW and says, "I guess little ole me just needs someone to help me make these big ole decisions. [giggle]"
 The crew then turn to their barf bags.
7.After spending a few evenings with her new love, Janeway is so relaxed that she realizes she no longer needs as much coffee, and she lets the rest of the crew share her old daily ration.
 Unfortunately, the crew gets so hopped up on caffeine that they can't sleep. With all this spare time on their hands, they begin to ponder all the lame brain decisions Janeway has made over the years, and there are rumors of possible mutiny...
6.Harry is crushed when Janeway, out on a date with her new beau, completely forgets about Harry's latest clarinet recital, and in a fit of pique announces to Janeway that if she doesn't care about him anymore, he's running away from home!
 Janeway just stares at him, and then gets back to her padd.
5.Seven is more than a little confused when the new "in love with love" Janeway tries to play matchmaker, telling Seven she knows a nice boy down in stellar cartography who is studying to be a dentist, and who would respond to a little home cooking.
4.Chakotay notices that the ASOTW has dark black hair, and thinks that maybe Janeway would notice her first officer if *he* started dyeing his hair black. Oh wait....
3.For the first time, the Delaney sisters feel like they have something in common with their captain, and Megan (the quiet, artistic one with the dimple) asks Kathryn if she'd like to borrow Megan's yellow sweater and a comm badge to carry in order to call home for a ride in case Kathryn's date tries to get fresh.
 Jenny (the aggressive, sometimes annoying one, no dimple) asks Janeway if she'd like to borrow her Bolero cd, her push up bra, and her much thumbed through issue of Cosmo with the article, "101 Ways to Get Your Man Into Bed on the First Date,"
 - most of which are variations of "ask him," "get naked," or some combination of the two.
2.Tuvok tersely requests that Janeway stop signing all of her status reports, "Sadie, Sadie, Married Lady."
1.Chakotay shoves the ASOTW out the nearest airlock, and heads to Janeway's quarters armed with scented candles, a copy of the Kama Sutra, and a portable bathtub.