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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways Tom Gets In Trouble In Down Deep*
Ruth -- 8 Dec 1998, 2:16 PM

10.Tom walks up to Janeway and offers to take her "on the ride of her life," telling her she'll be in ecstasy as she experiences the power, the thrust, the rush.... and then she realizes he's asking her if she wants to take a spin in the Delta Flyer. She gives him "the Look," and then assigns him the graveyard shift in Neelix's kitchen.
9.A disgruntled Tom then files a sexual harassment grievance with Tuvok complaining about how Janeway constantly leans up against him and touches his shoulder, distracting him as he tries to perform his pilot duties.
8.When an ensign asks him for the hundredth time, "exactly what color are your eyes, Sir?" Paris snaps and belts him.
7.He gives Tuvok one too many wedgies.
6.Apart from being mad over his sexual harassment grievance, Janeway becomes livid when Paris slaps her with a lawsuit, Paris ex rel. Three Minor Salamanders v. Janeway, asking for salamander support. (He really isn't doing this to be vindictive, however. It turns out the youngest needs braces, and he just can't afford them on a Lieutenant's salary.)
5.He decides it would be "really cool" if the Delta Flyer had racing stripes, and the only thing on Voyager thick and black enough to withstand the pressure of deep space traveling is Chakotay's supply of black shoe polish. So he "borrows" some.
 Well, he "borrows" all of it.
4.He tells B'Elanna that he has something "really special" planned for their "Day of Honor" anniversary --- she arrives at his quarters expecting an intimate dinner for two, and it turns out that he's invited Harry and some of the other guys to join them in a big celebratory poker game.
3.He's so happy being in a committed relationship with B'Elanna that he sets up the Delaney Sisters with the Maloney Brothers from Astrometrics. Every straight male on the ship, along with two women who swing both ways down in Engineering (think Sarah Michelle Gellar and Neve Campbell, Eric) make Tom the target of their wrath.
2.Janeway has allowed Tom to come to the bridge in his coveralls and in his Captain Proton outfit, but she draws the line when he rushes to the bridge during a red alert still costumed from the game of "the mafia don and the showgirl," he'd been playing with B'Elanna.
 It is not so much that she minds him being out of uniform, but she finds the sequins on his gown really distracting, and it is really hard for her to see the view screen over his feathers.
1.He finally goes to far with his practical jokes when he secretly replaces the freshly brewed coffee Janeway is used to with Taster's Choice freeze-dried crystals. And she *can* tell the difference.
 Oh, yeah, can she tell the difference.

[* "Down Deep" was an early name for the episode that eventually aired as "Thirty Days".]