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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ingredients In Neelix's Fruitcake
Leonie -- 5 Dec 1998, 7:26 PM

After reading about the history of Fruitcake and the astounding things that 20th century humans put in their own fruitcake, Neelix decided to institute this Christmas Tradition on Voyager. As the chief cook and moral officer on Voyager he thought it would be best to put a special ingredient for each member of the Command Crew and Naomi his god daughter: The following is the list

10.Gummy worms (They looked like Chakotay's spirit guide)
9.Coffee (A caffeinated Captain, is a calm Captain .... Somewhat)
8.Leola Root bark (replacing cinnamon, for himself of course)
7.Bananas (for B'Elanna)
6.Prunes in the shape for Tuvok (He didn't know if he liked them or not, he just figured it would do his disposition good to have them. He'll serve it with a big bowl of apple sauce on the side)
5.Pleeka Grinds (for Harry)
4.Cherries for Paris (He knows that he likes Cherry pie)
3.Ground beef for Seven of Nine (At least he knows that one of her dormant personalities would enjoy it)
2.Garlic for the Doctor (At least he knows that it'll do wonders for the heart)
1.Dates shaped like the characters in Naomi's new favorite holodec program "Rugrats"