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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Places To Hang A Wreath On The Starship Voyager
Leonie -- 5 Dec 1998, 7:24 PM

10.In the middle of the view screen on the Bridge
9.In the briefing room
8.In the MessHall
7.On the Warp Core
6.In Jeffries Tube four subsection seven.
And if we put some mistletoe on the wreath it should be hung.....
5.On the upper work station in Engineering for Tom and B'Elanna (Bringing back fond memories of Scientific Method)
4.In the Captain's ready room for Kathryn and Chakotay (Giving new meaning to the command "Chakotay in my Ready Room! Now!)
3.In the MessHall for Neelix and..... (Can you say, "Please State the nature of the medical emergency")
2.In cargo bay 2, where Harry prefers to practice his clarinet since it does have the best acoustics on the ship.
1.In Jeffries Tube four, subsection....