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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Toys On Naomi's Christmas List
Leonie -- 5 Dec 1998, 7:28 PM

10."So you want to be a Yeoman" by Janice Rand Interactive Hologram
9."My first Coffee Replicator" Play set (Comes complete with Captain's lucky tea cup
8."An Apple a day keeps the Doctor Away" play med kit (So she can learn to diagnose herself and not end up in sick bay with the Doctor)
7."My first Antigrav Shuttle craft" (so she can keep up with Seven's gait)
5.Leggo Mania's Warp Drive
4."My first meditation Lamp" (Evolving crew member sold separately)
3."Winnie the Pooh Spirit Guide" My first Akuna
2."My first Betsy" Compression Phaser Rifle that makes sounds and shoots a beam of light when activated
1."Borg Talking Barbie" comes complete with three peel and stick uniforms, different personalities and when you press her middle she talks: (I will comply, assimilate this information, your feelings about me are irrelevant) Air pump not included.