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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Favorite Crew Stocking Stuffers
Leonie -- 5 Dec 1998, 7:23 PM

10.Replicated Ocampan Prayer Candles for Tuvok. (awwww, sniff, I do miss Kes)
9.A pair of funny glasses with red nose attachment for the doctor.
8.An honorary Shuttle Pilot license for Chakotay while he's still struggling to pass "Remedial Shuttle Piloting 090" on the Holodeck
7.An inter-galatical prescription for Rogaine for Tom.
6.A refill on No-Doze Caffeine pills for Janeway. (She must be taking them as we have yet to see her take a real long drink of coffee).
5.A set of Klingon Aroma Therapy candles for B'Elanna featuring the popular "Demon be gone" and "banana pancake" scented candles.
4."How to boil a 3-minute Egg, Cooking for the Domestically Impaired." A must for Neelix.
3.White shoe polish for Harry (And the gumption that come along with it)
2.Baggy all in one Jammies with feet for Seven (One step closer to sweats, after all Rome wasn't built in one day)
1.Red Kiwi Shoe polish for Naomi (If she's going to be the captain some day, it would be good for her to start on the hair fetish early!)