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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten New Hallmark ST: Voyager Christmas Ornaments
Tracy -- 4 Dec 1998, 7:11 PM

10.Borg Barbie in Festive Sparkling Silver Catsuit (w/ champagne glass)
9.Delta Flyer (complete with musical rendition of Greased Lightning)
8.Hand blown Glass Borg Ball Ornament
7.Kissing Cherubs (that look remarkably like Paris & Torres)
6."Baby's First Christmas" ("One") on back reads "Baby's Last Christmas"
5."Our First Christmas Together" (B'Elanna and Buggy Dude)
4.Jeweled Snake entwined about Xmas tree (the first in the Spirit Guide Collection)
3.Crystallized Flodder character w/ decorated Treevil
2.Night creature figurine (can only be displayed in the dark)
And the Number 1 new Hallmark ST: Voyager Ornament is:
1.Action Kate dressed in Holiday Starfleet issue tank top, complete with Ol' Betsy, her trusty compression phaser rifle, poised to take down some persnickety alien baddies