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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Delta Quadrant Replacements For Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer
Ginny -- 4 Dec 1998, 4:21 PM

10.Sikari, the really-well-camouflaged-nosed reindeer
9.Kazon, the with-such-godawful-hair-no-one-notices-my-nose reindeer
8.Vidiian, the flesh-sliding-off-my-nose reindeer
7.Krady, the motherless reinbeast
6.Q, the oh-goody-another-quadrant-in-which-to-stick-my-nose reindeer
5.Barney, the Voth-nosed reindeer
4.Tiresia, the sexually voracious, badly-dressed reins!
3.Akriteria, the doesn't-that-new-inmate-have-an-adorable-nose? reindeer
2.Krell, the what-evil-lurks-in-the-hearts-of-men?-the-Holodoc-knows reindeer
1.Borg, the reindeer collective "Nose color is irrelevant."