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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things Tom Should Have Put In The Delta Flyer
Marianna - 15 Nov 1998, 2:19 PM

(this is what happens when Marianna and Maureen are let loose on the streets of NYC)

10.a first-aid kit and portable EMH (Sam Wildman in "OUAT". 'nuff said?)
9.a sun visor (those nebulas can be pretty rough on a certain pilot's lovely blue eyes)
8.child safety seats (because you never know when the "kizzards" might show up)
7.the entire "Blue's Clues" video collection (see #8)
6.ensign-side airbags
5.directional signals
4.change for tolls
3.a bathroom (because Harry always has to have that last-minute glass of chocolate milk)
2.a deck of cards (why not get in that last game of strip poker while waiting to suffocate?)
1.a glove compartment (where Chak can shove all those 'reckless driving' tickets he never quite gets around to mentioning to the Captain)