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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Favorite Toys Of The Crew
Martha -- 13 Nov 1998, 1:28 PM

9.B'Elanna: The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde doll set.
8.Kes: Grow-Up Skipper--The Ocampan Way. Turn her arm and she goes into menopause.
7.Chakotay: Build your own Shuttle set. His parents had to give him a new one every year, somehow he couldn't seem to make his last longer...
6.Janeway: Barbie's Beauty Salon--our little Katie couldn't get enough of trying new 'do's on her dolls.
5.The Delaney Sisters: Twister and the Jensen boys from next door.
4.Lt. Ayala: Charades--the Championship Version.
3.Seven: The Holonovels of Edgar Allen Poe.
2.Tuvok: A Tic-Tak-Toe playing chicken--it's logical plays were fascinating. Tuvie longed for the day when he could overcome the chicken's superior skills.
1.Vorik: Hide and Seek with the kids next door. Vorik was the neighborhood champion --- weeks could go by and nobody would see him.