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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Imaginary Playmates The Voy Crew Had When Growing Up
Ruth -- 13 Nov 1998, 12:57 PM

10.Ayala: Marcel Marceau
9.The Delaney Sisters: Frederick, a friend who had a little store in Hollywood.
8.Red Shirt Ensign: a State Farm Life Insurance Agent
7.Seven: Dolly the Cloned Sheep, because cloning is a much more efficient and less messy method of procreation than the way the humans do it.
6.Kes: Sarah Michelle Geller in that red leather outfit she wore on the cover of "Rolling Stone."
 Oh wait. Kes and SMG in their leather outfits are *Eric's* imaginary playmates.
5.Tuvok: Truman Capote. He just loved his impish flamboyance.
4.Harry: Wesley Crusher
3.Tom: Jim Anderson, the Dad in "Father Knows Best." ("You made a B in math, Tom? That's okay skipper, I'm sure you tried your best. Wanna go play some catch?")
2.Janeway: the Abbess from THE SOUND OF MUSIC.
1.Chakotay: a sexy, amnesiac, alien, double agent who hated coffee and didn't have relationship hangups.