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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Favorite Toys Of The Crew
D'Alaire -- 13 Nov 1998, 9:15 AM

1.Kate -- Betsy Wetsie, with rapid fire trigger.
2.Chakotay -- My Buddie
3.Tuvok -- Kal-Toh Ninja with gripping hands.
4.Tom -- Speed Racer Action Figures, complete with cars, track and checkered flags.
5.B'Elanna -- Torn between her Cabbage Patch Kid, "Pamela," and her deluxe model Erector Set.
6.Doc -- Keeps a Howdy Doody Manequin under his desk.
7.Harry -- played with Barbies in his secret treehouse. Liked most the one that got a bigger chest when he twisted her arm around.
8.Neelix -- Betty Crocker Cooker, apron, hat and recepies not included.
9.Seven -- Mrs. Potato Head
10.Kes -- Princess Peapod, complete with fairy tale book and bean pod bed.