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Top Ten Jokes The Crew Tells About Chakotay's Hair Color
Annie -- 4 Nov 1998, 6:48 PM

This is my very first TTL guys, so please be kind.

10.Q: Did you hear how Chakotay's hair became darker?
A: Yeah, it holo hair right?
9.Chakotay's hair color?
That's not his hair. Is it?
8.I heard he brought some kind of formula from Earth's Greece from the 20th century trip. That's what I heard.
7.That's replicated hair isn't it?
6.His facial tattoo is leaking into his hair. (this is a blech one)
5.He asked his animal guide what he could do to attract more women. His guide told him to reconsider the salt and pepper look.
4.He kept the color after the Hirogen WWII program hoping no one would notice.
3.Kathryn made a comment about how distinguished he was looking. After that, well, "no comment".
2.After having so very many shuttle mishaps, he thought he would try to make it look like it wasn't affecting him.
1.He heard the 20th century song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", and took it out of completely out of context.

Well that's my first try, and it only took me kind of a short time. Practice makes perfect, right?