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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Signs That Chakotay Has Fallen In Love With Yet Another Alien Babe Of The Week
Ruth -- 4 Nov 1998, 10:39 AM

10.Astute crew members have noted that he's using a little extra black shoe polish around the old temples.
 As if that was possible...
9.Engineering reports to Tuvok that Chakotay's use of cold showers has decreased dramatically and they ask him to check and see if anything is wrong with the first officer.
8.He suddenly seems very interested in the construction of the Delta Flyer, asking Paris if the design plans include a back seat.
7.Chakotay then asks Janeway if he can borrow the keys to the shuttle on Saturday night.
6.He then puts a bumper sticker on the shuttle that says, "If this shuttle is a rockin' don't come a knockin'!"
5.His spirit guide has a new swagger in his slither.
4.When Harry asks for requests at his next clarinet recital, Chakotay asks him if he knows "Bolero."
3.The Delaney sisters complain to the captain that Chakotay has taken the Doc's entire supply of prophylactics
2.The ABOTW innocently mentions that she hates the sonic bikini waxer, and next thing you know Chakotay is in his wood shop carving her an epilady.
1.He no longer looks at Kathryn like he is a starving man and she is the last pork chop on the plate.