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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways That The DSN Crew Would Have Handled Being In The Void
Leonie -- 3 Nov 1998, 8:50 AM

(In no particular Order)

10.Sisko: two words, Spring Training (I think that's baseball?)
9.Worf would have run holodeck programs that would have made B'Elanna's in Extreeme Risk seem like a day in the beach.
8.Quark would have ripped up his clothes and made a fortune in curtains.
7.Odo and Kira would have finally gotten around to trying out those 1001 new positions that he has been going on and on about.
6.Ezri would have spent time sampling all of the previous Dax's hosts favorite foods and activities and finally decided on which ones she liked or disliked.
5.Bashir would have a date on Saturday nights. (The women on the station finally found something more boring than listening to his stories about med school).
4.Now that there are no external factors to impact his family life, O'Brian would finally get to be the househusband he always wanted to be and teach his daughter how to crochet.
3.Nag would finally catch up on his light reading, "How to Win Friends and Fleece People even though you're in Starfleet".
2.Jake would finally begin to make the moves on Enzri (Is he the only available man who hasn't tried to yet!?!).
1.Jadzia would spend the time re-reading her termination contract and mutter, "There has got to be a loop hole in here, somewhere!!!."