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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That Most Scare The Voyager Crew
Ginny -- 28 Oct 1998, 9:47 AM

Which parallels Ruth's list a little.

10.Ayala--a voice vote at the monthly general staff meeting
9.The Delaney Sisters -- Lent
8.Kathryn--lizard toddlers on warp-powered Big Wheels
7.Harry--things that go "You must comply" in the night
6.Tom--impotence brought on by performance anxiety
5.Seven--puncture damage
4.Tuvok--"Old Yeller" (It always makes him cry.)
3.Chakotay--a paternity suit brought by one of those blondes he keeps forgetting he slept with
2.B'Elanna--see #6 above
1.The Holodoc--being featured, along with his portable holo-emitter, in an Energizer Bunny commercial