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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That Would Most Scare The Voyager Crew
Mrs. Mac -- 27 Oct 1998, 8:44 AM

10.Being in a featured Harry Kim episode.
9.B'Elanna Torres - every 30 days - like clockwork.
8.Neelix at a nudist moon colony.
7.Chakotay going for a joy ride in a shuttle (isn't this on everyone's scariest list?)
6.Harry wanting to take up the violin.
5.Being asked to wear a snappy new red shirt as a dinner guest of a new species.
4.Being stuck in a time loop during one of Tuvok's Vulcan poetry readings.
3.Seven of Nine in a room full of arcade distortion mirrors. Attack of the killer boobs!
2.Landing on a planet that has an unlimited supply of Leola Root.
1.Voyager running out of coffee. Be afraid. Be very afraid.