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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things The Voyager Crew Members Do At "Night"
Ruth -- 27 Oct 1998

10.There is a reason why the Captain needs all that caffeine. Often Janeway doesn't get to bed until very late at night. Before she can sleep, she insists on tucking in all "her children" --the junior members of the crew.
 Plus she tucks in Tom, just because they both like it.
9.Harry lies awake at night planning his eventual takeover of the ship. "And when I'm in charge, they'll be sorry they were ever mean to me! Especially, Tom! I'm going to have pizza for dinner every single night and I'm not going to let him have any!"
8.Tuvok likes to dress up like Carmen Miranda and samba around his quarters singing "The Girl in the Tutti Frutti Hat."
7.Chakotay's spirit guide often has Ayala's, Larsen's, and B'Elanna's spirit guides over for a game of poker and some brewskis. Chakotay really wouldn't care, except for the fact that the constant chattering of Ayala's spirit guide, a parrot, keeps him from being able to fall asleep during the game.
6.Seven takes off that d@mn corset. Of course, it is then revealed that she is actually built like a defensive lineman for the Green Bay Packers.
5.It turns out that the Delaney sisters reputation is undeserved. They actually don't go out much. They spend most evenings in their quarters, eating Dove bars and watching the Neelix Springer show.
4.Neelix sneaks into the kitchen and uses his cache of replicator rations to create gourmet meals, since, as he once told Kes, "I wouldn't be caught dead eating that crap I make for the crew."
3.B'Elanna has to divert extra power to the ship's water supply system because of the high number of cold showers the crew takes at night.
2.On some nights, a frisky Chakotay suggests to the captain that they conserve water by taking their showers together. But then she gives him "the Look," and suddenly he doesn't need a cold shower anyhow.
1.Still, *occasionally*, Chakotay will go to Janeway's cabin. She'll quietly let him in. He'll look at her. She'll look at him. He'll say, in a deep voice, "Kathryn. I've waited for this for a long, long time."
"There were reasons..."
He'll cut her off. "To hell with the reasons! I'm really tired, and I don't see why we couldn't just go over these status reports in the morning!"