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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Features That Tom Would Put In The Delta Flyer
gadgetguy -- 25 Oct 1998, 7:40 PM

10.Unlimited supply of expendable ensigns.
9.Beer cooler.
8.Compression phaser rifle rack.
7.Make-out couch.
6.Really good stereo system.
5.Seat belts!
4.Pizza Hut proximity detector.
3.EVA suits built for two.
2.Comfy vibrating reclining pilot's seat with built-in foot massage.
1.Chakotay-proof controls.

My collaborator / partner-in-crime, Maureen had some ideas of her own...

  • Cup-holders
  • Uplink with the DQ SportsNet (all sports, all the time!)
  • Walk-in closet (can serve as Jefferies Tubes in a crisis)
  • Highlights of Yankees World Series Championships!
  • Cool shades to protect pilot's seriously gorgeous BLUE eyes from unexpected plasma bursts, proto-Nebulas, and other technobabble dangers.