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Top Ten Reasons The Folks On Voyager Were In A Bad Mood In The Original Two Hour Version Of "Night"
Ruth -- 18 Oct 1998, 6:30 PM

If you're trying to avoid all spoilers on "Night," this has a couple of references to Janeway in that show. Also, I guess I'll rate it PG-13. Don't get excited Eric, it just has some mild innuendos, much less than your average episode of "Friends." ;-)

I've been doing a little Internet surfing. It turns out that "Night" was originally filmed as a two hour *Event* show, but TPTB told Braga to cut it to an hour. In the original teleplay, we would not only have found out a little more about why Janeway was in a bad mood, but would also learn that the rest of the crew weren't all that happy either.

10.The men were unhappy because of the aftermath of the Delaney sister's appearance on the Neelix Springer show. Voyager's favorite fun girls were confronted by a sexual addiction counselor, a New Age priest, and Neelix's dramatic reading of Monica Lewinsky's grand jury testimony. The two decided on the spot to become "Born Again Virgins."
9.The Doc was upset because his article, "Long Term Sexual Deprivation, Caffeine Abuse, and the Overuse of Hair Styling Products: Their Effect on the Ability to Make Command Decisions," was turned down by several academic journals including "Java World."
8.Tuvok was out of sorts because he gave an AOTW complete access to the ship's security controls, leaving her alone for long periods of time, and she didn't do anything but say "very interesting," before leaving. It turns out that Tuvy lives for the thrill of attempted alien takeovers.
7.Tom was unhappy because he fpund his father's letter in B'Elanna's cabin, and it turns out it wasn't for him after all. After she had downloaded the letter, she realized it did not say "To Tom Paris," but "DO not let that no good, sure he's got you all fooled into thinking he's changed but let some floozie with a bottle of ripple walk by and then you'll see his true colors, son of mine, Tom Paris, see this letter." So she hid it.
6.He was further depressed because when he read the letter, it went on to say, "Dear B'Elanna: Hey, Toots! I can't believe of all the women I've nailed, my two favorites, you and Katie are on the same ship! Whoo hoo! Remember that weekend the three of us went to that little place in the Poconos with the heart shaped bathtubs!...."
5.Seven was blue because her nanophobes malfunctioned, and all of a sudden she was a AA cup. The catsuit just looked silly after that, so she began to wear oversized shirts and those new baggy jeans that are the 24th century rage, and revel in the freedom of not having to wear an underwire bra.
 Oh, wait, she liked that. This is why the *YAMs* are blue.
 Anyhow, this is the much talked about "new uniform" and we'll be seeing it starting next week! Don't worry guys. She still has those beautiful BIG eyes.
4.Harry was in a bad mood because Tuvok snitched to the captain, and told him about the way Harry was lounging around in her chair. She took away his clarinet privileges for a month, and made him write, "I will not be so annoying," a hundred times on the black board.
3.Red Shirt Ensign Fordie Seffen was unhappy because the Captain told him he was going on an away mission. Tomorrow. In a shuttle. With Chakotay. Who will pilot.
 On the other hand, with the Delaney Sisters out of circulation, the ship hasn't been all that much fun anyhow.
2.Okay, yeah sure, Janeway was feeling guilty over that Caretaker thingy, but she was also upset yet another Mother's Days had passed and she has yet to get even a card from those ungrateful salamanders of hers!
1.But the real reason Janeway was in such a bad mood is she finally gave Chak the green light, but he's gotten so used to getting the red one that he didn't notice...