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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things The Voyager Crew Does At Night
D'Alaire -- 11 Oct 1998, 2:40 PM

10.Sneaks into ship's cook's storeroom to eke another tablespoon in stash of highly rationed coffee grinds. (Janeway)
9.After a lovely dinner with a fine bottle of wine, repairs damaged chairs, carpet tears, decorative plates, replicator panel, table legs, sonic sink, torn linens and slight hull breach; puts furniture upright and back in place; sneaks to sickbay for a dermal regenerator. (Tom and B'Elanna)
8.Waits under the sheets, hoping and praying she understood his meaning. (Harry)
7.Calmly steps into her regenerator after posing a question in her log "But I did not comprehend the meaning of I hope to impress you with my Python Boxers." (Seven)
6.After reviewing new duty assignments, uses kal-toh rods and file picture of ship's cook for tatical target practice. (Tuvok)
5.Uses rock and map in a desperate attempt to recall whether her hair was red or blonde. (Chakotay)
4.Sneaks into holodeck to run secret program, "Twisted Sister--In Concert." (Doc)
3.Cuddles up with favorite pillow and Sehlat Teddy Bear in order to get better in touch with that soft, fuzzy side of Vulcans. (Neelix)
2.Practices in mirror vocalization and annunciation. (Ayala)
1.Shakes her head and slips away into another dimension. (Kes)