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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things The Voyager Crew Does At Night
Ginny -- 11 Oct 1998, 2:32 PM

10.It takes Tuvok most of the night just to do up all the buttons on his jammies.
9.Neelix rises in the middle of the night to make leola root donuts for the crew's breakfast.
8.Kathryn sleeps the sleep of the righteous and dreams of grateful gray-eyed young men with clever hands.
7.Chakotay gets up to "walk his spirit guide" at least twice every night.
6.Harry keeps comming Tom to see if he wants to play hoverball.
5.Seven removes her catsuit, exhales, and lounges around the cargo bay in a quilted pink bathrobe and fuzzy pink houseshoes.
4.Tom sleeps the sleep of the redeemed and dreams of kindly prison matrons with red hair.
3.The Holodoc roams the corridors of the ship, in a futile search for information to include in his treatise on sexual practices.
2.B'Elanna takes interminable bubblebaths and paints her toenails fire engine red.
1.Ayala makes prank combadge calls.