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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things The Voyager Crew Does At Night
Jules -- 11 Oct 1998, 1:23 PM

1.Lose at kal-toh to Tuvok. (Harry)
2.If Tuvok's not available, tuck himself up in bed with his teddy bear. Or sehlat. Whatever. (Harry)
3.If Harry's not available, light a candle for Kes and go stare out the window. (Tuvok)
4.Night time is irrelevant. (Seven)
5.Sneak into Holodeck One and get in some time on the shuttlecraft simulator. (Chakotay)
6.Sneak into Holodeck Two and play Captain Proton one more time. (Tom)
7.Practice an operetta or two - he doesn't need sleep, the acoustics in Sickbay are just perfect for it, and the divas don't heckle the way they do on the holodeck. (the Doctor)
8.Work an extra shift in Engineering. (B'Elanna - does she ever stop?)
9.Sneak down to Neelix's galley to steal that one extra cup of coffee. (Kathryn)
10.Tidy up the galley after the Captain's nocturnal brew up. (Neelix)