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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways The Voyager Crew Will Spend Labor Day
Ruth -- 7 Sep 1998, 11:05 AM

10.Since it is a holiday, Janeway will allow Tom Paris to arrive at his duty station late, with a cup of coffee in hand, and out of uniform.
 Oh, wait, she lets him do that all the time anyhow. (Captain's Pet!)
9.Chakotay's spirit guide will inform him that Spirit Guide's local no. 47 is calling a general strike to protest long hours, low wages, and the fact that when Chakotay ain't getting any, his guide ain't getting any.
8.Seven of Nine will overindulge in leola dogs and Jibalian fudge cake at Neelix's picnic, and will find the next morning that her cat suit no longer fits. This turns out to be a blessing, as she discovers the freedom that comes from wearing sweat pants and baggy t-shirts.
7.Kim bursts into Janeway's office and demands a promotion! She gives him "the Look," ten demerits, and restricts him to quarters. He is heard to mutter darkly, "Great, I guess I am going to die being both an Ensign AND a v****n! (Asterisks because of the youthful posters we're getting lately!)
6.Ayala bursts into Janeway's office and demands a speaking role! She appears to give the matter some thought, then says, "I think we can arrange that. We need someone to accompany Chakotay on a shuttle mission next week ..." Ayala runs from the room in a panic.
5.Still, Janeway wants Ayala to be happy, so she arranges for him to match off against Larsen in shirtless beach volleyball at the picnic. Oh wait, maybe she just wants herself to be happy, eh?
4.Are those fireworks at tonight's picnic? Or is Tuvok finally going through Pon Farr?
3.Tom to B'Elanna. "B'Ela, since it's our day off, would you want to, you know? I mean you're always saying you're too tired, but you did get to sleep in this morning." B'Elanna to Tom, (giving a girlish giggle): "Okay, sweetums." Tom to B'Elanna: "Great! I'll go get my racquet and I'll meet you at the court in ten minutes!"
2.The Delaney sisters drink too much Trakian ale at the picnic, and decide to go visit Harry and take care of at least *one* of his problems.
 That's right, they have some pictures of J/C on new Earth that they offer to let Harry use to blackmail the Captain into giving him a promotion.
1.Janeway also drinks a little too much Trakian ale at the picnic, and suggests that Chakotay come back to her quarters so that she can give him his "job performance evaluation."