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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Ten More Things I Would Like To Overhear In TPTB's Brainstorming Session
Avril -- 25 Aug 1998, 2:39 PM

10.Neelix? Who's Neelix?
9.We've got six episodes where Kate says 'Battlestations' and five where she uses the phaser compression rifle.
8.Let's have a scene where Torres rips off some obnoxious alien's head and wraps his guts around the warp core.
7.Isn't it time everyone got promoted?
6.Isn't it time for another Paris/Tuvok episode, with lots of snappy dialogue?
5.Let's see if we can get through this season without killing off any more ensigns.
4.Let's have a scene where Torres rips off Vorik's head and ...
3.The fans love crossover stories, who can we get from TNG or DS9? - I hear Patrick Stewart is in town next month.
2.The wardrobe budget all went on Jeri's new costume, they can't afford Beltran's hair dye this year.
1.Let's have a scene where Torres rips off Paris's... no, perhaps not.