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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Ten Things I Would Like To Overhear In TPTB's Brainstorming Session
Avril -- 25 Aug 1998, 2:31 PM

10.It's time Chakotay had a bit more development, let's have him go berserk on an alien planet, scribble graffiti all over one of their temples and tell them their ancient customs and rituals stink.
9.Now that Robbie's lost some weight, let's make sure we get him plenty of good close up shots.
8.Isn't it time Robbie and Garrett had another episode in an alien prison?
7.Has wardrobe still got that blue shirt Robbie wore in Future's End?
6.We need an AOTW with special powers. Didn't we have a little blonde actress, back in the first three seasons. What was her name? Can anyone remember?
5.Isn't it time Robbie and Garrett had another Alternate Universe episode?
4.Has wardrobe still got the black outfit Russ wore in The Killing Game?
3.Anyone know if John De Lancie is free next month?
2.The PC lobby has found out about the catsuit. Orders are, Jeri has to wear black overalls like all the others.
1.Has wardrobe still got the swimsuit Roxann wore - no, the Politically Correct Lobby might find out.