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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That I Don't Want To Overhear In TPTB's Brainstorming Session
Leonie -- 25 Aug 1998, 7:27 AM

10.You know, we had agreed that when B'Elanna was paired with Tom, she would be getting some and lose that chip off her shoulder. I still think that there's a spark left there. Come on people, think Taming of the Shrew.
9.I think that we are not taking the doctor's characters seriously enough. He needs more angst. Let's try and see if we can do something along the lines of Darkling again.
8.What we need is another emphath on the show, what do you say we bring Troi on board to replace Kes.
7.It's been a while since Voyager has lost a shuttle. Let's let Chakotay take Harry down to an unnamed planet in the middle of a war. That way we can guarantee that the shuttle would be lost and that would keep the nitpickers happy. After all they make a living off our inconsistencies and oversights.
6.What if there was a way to keep Kate on the show and make Seven the Captain of the ship? Nah, she would have to wear the correct uniform, and who would look at her body? No, No, No Jadzia Dax is not using her uniform, all we have to do is stitch some red cloth and Ta da.
5.You know I still think that Harry Kim still has a spark of inner light. I think it should be completely gone before he and Seven get together, that way she will always be the dominant one in that relationship.
4.I agree with Kate that Chakotay and Janeway should "deepen their relationship" (Whatever that means) Why don't we pull out all the stops and get them together. Here's what I was thinking. It has to involve Seven right. So what if Seven makes a move on Chakotay. This happens during Neelix's Second Talent Night and when it's time for Janeway and Seven to do their act, their tug of war becomes a mud wrestling fight for Chakotay. That way there will be something for everyone, the YAMs and the MAMs
3.I've been thinking, Janeway's single and Harry's single, so why not put those two together. I like it, I like it and it would give the fanfic authors something new to write about I don't think that I've ever seen a K/J web ring. It's an excellent idea. It's amazing that no one had come up with it before.
2.If that doesn't work, we can always break up Paris and Torres and couple Paris and Janeway, Chakotay and Torres. I'm pretty sure that the P/T and the J/C collectives, won't mind, they are all the same type of characters anyway.
1.You know that Unforgettable was so good that I think we should do it again this year. However this time let Janeway fall in love with the AOTW. Good idea, but who can we get to play the alien. I think that we can link that and give Voyager another contact with the alpha quadrant. What do you think about Janeway and Wesley the Traveler.


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