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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Holodoc's Top Ten, "I'm A Doctor Not A _____" In Season Five
Leonie -- 25 Aug 1998, 7:25 AM

10."Mr. Ayala, I am a doctor, not a mind reader. You will have to speak to me in order that I can diagnose the problem and treat you.
9."Lt., I am a doctor, not a punching bag. That HURTS.
8."Commander, I am a doctor, not a gambler. I did not wager my holodeck time on whether or not you and the captain are lovers in the gambling pool. But just out of curiosity, are you?
7."Mr. Paris, I am a doctor, not a nanny. I shouldn't have to be looking for you to begin your duty shift in sickbay.
6."Mr. Tuvok, I am a doctor, not a Vulcan, logic be damned.
5."Ensign, need I remind you, I am a doctor, not a medical student. I don't need you to keep visiting my sickbay with various injuries for me to practice on.
4."Mr. Neelix, I am a doctor, not an entertainer. I am not programmed to make sexual innuendoes, plays on words, witty repartee or jokes."
3."Seven, I am a Doctor, not a fashion designer. If you want your new catsuit to be tighter than this brown one, you'll just have to stitch it yourself."
2."Lt. I'm a doctor, not a sex therapist. I have no idea how to replicate Viagra. I'm sure if you talk to your mate about the problem you seem to be having when she wishes to engage in ancient Klingon Sex practices, the problem would correct itself. It shouldn't be so hard, er I mean difficult."
1."Captain, I'm a doctor, not a hairstylist, if you cut your hair too short this time, you'll just have to wait until it grows out....marm."