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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Seven's Top Ten "____ Is Irrelevant" In Season Five
Leonie -- 25 Aug 1998, 7:24 AM

10.To B'Elanna, "Manners are irrelevant"
9.To Janeway, "Hair styles are irrelevant"
8.To Neelix, "Spices are irrelevant"
7.To the Doctor, "Good taste is irrelevant."
6.To Kes, "Evolution is irrelevant"
5.To Chakotay, "Spirits are irrelevant."
4.To Tom, "Rogaine is irrelevant"
3.To Tuvok, "Order is irrelevant"
2.To Harry, "You are irrelevant"
1.To anyone who can hear her, "Clothes are irrelevant, you can see every inch of me any way in this catsuit."