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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Revoltingly Maudlin Bits Of Romantic Dialogue Between Tom And B'Elanna During Season 5
Leonie -- 25 Aug 1998, 7:20 AM

10."Tom get your hands off of me, I don't want to be touched by an insensitive pig like you" she sobs
"B'Elanna what did I do?"
"You know"
"No, I don't. Tell me I'll do anything to make it better"
9."Snookums, talk to me?" B'Elanna to Tom
8."Your eyes are blue"
"No they're gray."
At this point B'Elanna is in tears as she says, "You don't love me anymore"
"Of course I love you B'Elanna, I want only you and to prove it, I will concede and say that my eyes are gray."
"Oh my love"
7."Honey, I'm home."
"Hi Tommy, I raced home from engineering to make sure that your tomato soup would be hot for you."
"You're so good to me, what did I do to deserve a girl like you?"
"Really you think I'm a girl"
"Not only a girl, my girl"
"Oh Tom"
6."I love you"
"And I love you,"
"Why do you love me?" Tom looks deeply in her eyes.
"For all the things that make you, your sexy blond receding hairline, your robust figure, your gray eyes, your small, charming....
5."I think that we should invite Harry on our next date."
"Why sweetie that's a wonderful idea, what should I wear. You know I want to look my best for you.?"
"Oh Sweetie, you'd look fabulous if you wore nothing at all."
4."B'Elanna, I'm sorry, it was a weak moment and it meant nothing to me. I don't love Harry, I love you and only you, I want to marry you, not him." (I figured since I had ventured there before, I should go all the way. Wait, let me rephrase that.)
3."Have I told you before how much I love you?"
B'Elanna looks deeply in his eyes "Not in the last five minutes."
"Do you want me to tell you again?"
"I love very much, I love you very much, I love you very much"
2."Honey bunch, what do you want to do tonight?" B'Elanna is on her knees next to Tom who is on the couch looking deeply in her eyes.
"Anything you want to do."
"I want to do what you want to do, because I want to make you happy always."
1."Ooh look B'Elanna a Talaxian tecca flower, do you want to?"
B'Elanna looks about the mess hall with a look of pure excitement on her face.
"Ooh, let's let's let's" She claps her hands in anticipation. They look guiltily around, grab a flower and proceed to a secluded corner.
"You, love me," Tom begins by picking a petal,
"You love me not." He continues. B'Elanna giggles she knows what come next.
"You love me." The last petal is plucked.
"Oh, Tom" she whispers with the light shining in her eyes, "Always."