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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things You Will Get If You Put Janeway And Paris In Ginny's Classic Trek Romance
Mr Mac -- 24 Aug 1998, 7:00 PM

10.Salamander babies. Enough said.
9.Janeway shirtless (after all, Kirk always was for his romances). ~Shudder.~
8.What makes you think P/J romantic dialogue would be any better?
"Warp Speed!"
"Yes Ma'am!"
7.Really POOR holo-programs. In keeping with Janeway's love for gothic romances, will have Paris sipping sherry by a fireplace as Janeway flutters down a long stairway with her slips billowing and her pantaloons showing. Wake me when it's over.
6.A Classic Trek love scene: Paris in bed while Janeway applies cold cream, wrinkle cream and a chin lifter - all to herself.
5.Classic Trek romantic moment: Janeway reaching into her drawers for that special lingerie - A pair of silk Depends.
4.A new bathtub every week and nothing to show for it.
3.Janeway would always want to be on top.
2.Janeway's idea of romance? Dickens, candlelight, and a Bailey's Irish creme. Paris' idea of romance? A Camaro user manual, a flashlight, and a six-pack of Bud. I love you, Man!
1.As with all classic Trek romances, the captain's lover always dies.