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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Inane Things That Harry Will Say During Season 5
Leonie -- 25 Aug 1998, 7:16 AM

10.As he walks on the bridge one morning. "Has anyone seen George my teddy bear, I always keep him with me when we go into red alert, so I wouldn't be so scared all the time."
9."Commander, may I replace Ensign Sucker as your co-pilot the next time you take a shuttlecraft down to an unnamed planet?" (Shame on you for even thinking it, Ande)
8."Neelix, can I borrow you cologne?"
7."No, not tonight Seven, I have a headache"
6."Behind that icy Borg exterior is a submissive little girl just waiting to come out and fall in love with me."
5."B'Elanna between me and Tom, who do you think is more sexy?"
4."You really think that it's possible that the Commander and the Captain have a thing for each other?"
3."Tuvok, I noticed that you have been showing extreme emotions of rage, confusion and sadness. May I help?" (Did I just go there?, Oh man I wish I hadn't gone there.)
2."Commander the odds are four to one that you and the Captain will finally get it on this year, which way do you think I should place my bet?"
1."So B'Elanna is it true what they say about Klingon women and their voracious sexual appetites?" (It will also be the last inane thing he will say in Season Five)