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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That I Hope Will Be Overheard During Season Five Brainstorming
Ginny -- 24 Aug 1998, 1:24 PM

10."I say we let Landau direct as many episodes as he wants."
"Hell, yes. In fact, he can direct all of them...except for the two we promised Robbie."
9."Somebody needs to call Special Effects and tell them to take a wrench to the Voyager model. After four years in the DQ, the ship ought to have some dents and a crumpled fender or two."
8."Poor Garrett. We really did a number on his character in Season Four. What do you say we write some really good scenes for him with McNeill and Dawson this season?"
"You mean scenes with wit and intelligence and insight? O.K., but don't tell Braga."
7."Three words, ladies and gentlemen. Tuvok's pon farr."
6."Listen, we either start trading off some gratuitous special effects shots for scenes involving genuine character development, or I'm walking."
"God, Ken, you're such a prima donna. But if that's what it takes to make you happy..."
5."I say we stop pandering to the YAM demographic and dress Seven in summerweight linen and flats."
4.You guys in lighting, listen up. Underlighting, overlighting, fluorescent lighting--I don't care. Just no weird lighting that makes McNeill's eyes look blue."
3."Hello, everyone. I'm Robert B. Parker. I hear you need some help writing witty, sexy repartee between intelligent, articulate adults."
2."I'm serious, Brannon. One more 'Seven of Nine single-handedly saves the ship by accessing some hitherto unknown Borg technology', and I'm going to take a life."
1."You know, this Paris-Torres romance just isn't working out. Why don't we try putting Tom into a classic Trek romantic situation with Kathryn and see what happens?"
"Classic Trek romantic situation?"
"He means a cave."