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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things I Sincerely Hope Won't Be Overheard At TPTB's Brainstorming Sessions
D'Alaire -- 24 Aug 1998, 12:53 PM

10."Hey, let's give Harry some really funny things to say --- lighten him up, you know? Get him out in the forefront with some really great comebacks, especially at Paris. That'll gain him some attention."
9."Let's experiment with Janeway's loneliness and mood swings--Maybe PMS cries and a rash haircut, explore that vulnerable side of her..."
8."Paris? Nah, he's already gotten enough attention. Let's concentrate on Seven's acquisition of picky eating habits."
7."I think B'Elanna should spend a lot more time on the bridge...What? Oh, Seven can be her lead assistant in Engineering. Nobody likes Vorik anyway and they've forgotten Carey, and astrometrics was a waste of time....This way we see B'Elanna punching on a console during Bridge scenes more often, and Seven doing more grunt work--we wouldn't want to neglect Seven's character development after putting so much time into it last season, after all."
6."Chakotay definitely needs more romance in his life. Come on everybody--think up some sexy aliens we won't have to commit to."
5."Let's see if we can find the Doublemint twins."
4."Well, maybe Paris should deal with some past issues ... Hmm? No, his father and that tension with Chakotay's been beat to death. Let's try something different, like sudden mood swings and hiding out in the holodeck ...That's been done? Oh, then scratch that....Eh, forget it, we concentrate on Paris too much, anyway..."
3."Sex on Voyager? Preposterous! It'd ruin our rating! Sure, we've got Paris and Torres together, and that's enough suggestion of sex .... Chakotay and Janeway? That's totally impossible with Chakotay's BOTW relationships -- we wouldn't want him to look unfaithful, after all. But sex? Let's just not talk about it and let fanfic take care of the rest. We have a reputation to protect. As for Janeway, maybe a holo-romance -- nice and safe ... By the way, what's the opinion poll on Seven's new catsuit?"
2."We need more Neelix--lots of Neelix in everyday life--his duties are varied, after all. Some more heart-to-hearts with Tuvok, just like in Rise, but none of that mushy Mortal Coil type angst--it runs his happy, go lucky nature ....Maybe a romance. Yeah, that'd take care of the fans' need for more romance on the show."
1."More AOTW, less personal stuff. Everyone's sick of seeing how the crew deals with themselves...Yeah, burning down Sandrine's was cool. It's the perfect spot for Seven's new bedroom...Oh, she took Kes' quarters? I forgot....That's right! Now, how are we going to work Seven's Victorian library into her save Engineering from a core breach plot?--This could be a change to really explore Seven."