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Top Ten Other Things That B'Elanna Might Have Sat On In Tom's Car
Ruth -- 20 Aug 1998, 10:30 AM

I'm afraid that I am one of those women who treat my car like it is a giant purse, and it turns out Tom is just as messy with his car.

10.A can of tomato soup
9.His blow dryer
8.An aerosol can of industrial strength Aqua Net (Tommy's not one to worry about the Ozone layer)
7.A bottle of Rogaine
All easily explainable, but how does he justify the following?
6.Janeway's coffee carafe. ("Well, how did that thing get in here?")
5.One of Seven's nanoprobes. ("Gosh, I have no idea what that is, must be some 20th century car part, huh, B'Ela?")
4.Megan Delaney's latest issue of Cosmo ("She told me there was a really good article on carburetors in there.")
3.Jenny Delaney's can of whipped cream. ("Uh, you notice how I've been gaining weight? I've been sneaking in here to wolf down hot fudge sundaes. I know there is a bottle of maraschino cherries in here somewhere ....")
2.Chakotay's medicine bundle. Oh, wait. I think that belongs over at the C/P archive.
1.A pair of Tuvok and Tom action figure dolls reenacting the love scenes between Troy Donahue and Sandra Dee in A SUMMER PLACE. ("Tuvy, are we bad?")

Oops wrong again. You'd find that in PegN's car. ;-) (For those of you who joined the board recently, this last is a reference to the Nebulite's fun filled, intellectually stimulating and thought provoking trip to Las Vegas.)