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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Topics On The New Neelix Springer Coffee Nebula Show
Leonie -- 18 Aug 1998, 9:06 AM

I have Never ever watched an entire Jerry Springer show, only bits and pieces when I've been switching channels and then I've only seen the fights. (Our UPN station doesn't carry him and that's the only one I watch now) So this TTL is based on that:

10.Tomoholics and Chakoholics battle it out for Board Supremacy.
 In Tom's corner we have D'Alaire, Ginny (Grey eyes) McCoy, Jules and Suzie Q. In Chuckle's corner we have Trisha, Leonie, Vickie T and Tracy.
"Hey don't call him Chuckles. Come on girls, we've been waiting a long time to do this. Leonie put that compression phaser rifle down!!! No. WHAP"
(Neelix Springer is unconscious within the first nine seconds of the show)
 Young Adult Males vs Mature Adult Males. Flesh or Plastic? Does it make a difference? These men say once you ogle long enough you can't tell the difference, but others say 'Ain't nothing like the real thing'
8.Settling Things the old Fashioned Way
 Ladies place your bets. We have Tom and Chakotay in tight spandex, ripped shirts and thigh high leather boots ready to mud wrestle, who will remain standing and clean?
7."Crab Head or Cheese Grater?"
 Voyager's chief engineer settles it with insulting Nebulites. BYOB. Bring your own Bat'leth.
6."Out the Nearest Airlock or Starring in the next Episode"
 How a lone Kimite deals with being in the Neb which is crawling with Tomoholics, Chakaholics, Sevenites, Torresites, and Janeway lovers.
5.The Blue and The Grey Pt I:
 YAMs battle it out for a decision on which color catsuit will Seven wear in Season V
4.The Blue and the Grey Pt II:
 Tomaholics battle it out on what color Tom's eyes really are.
3.The Blue and the Grey Pt III:
 We have nothing left to fight about but colors, so let's just put the Tomaholics and the YAMS together and let them duke it out.
2.T+A or B+C (Bun and Compression Rifle)
 What do men really want? YAM and MAMs return for this show down.
1.Janeway: Mommy or B*tch
 Nebulites cast their votes and Janeway answers their accusations.

(Done in good jest, hope I didn't offend)

Compression Phaser Rifle Wielding Leonie