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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Inane Things Harry Will Say In Season Five
ande -- 17 Aug 1998, 5:10 PM

Well, I can't make mine flash, but:

10.It looks like some sort of spacial anomoly, Captain.
9.Uh, I don't know what it is, uhm, maybe a spacial anomoly?
8.Hey, Seven. I like the new, uh, outfit. Are those shoes comfortable?
7.Hey, Cary, want to go scope out the holodeck and pick up chicks?
6.Uh, Captain, I'm getting some strange readings here. I'm not sure what's causing it. It may be some sort of spacial anomoly.
5.Hey, Tom, can I fly the shuttle this time?
4.Hi, Megan. No, I can't go to Sandrines with you, I have to practice my clarinet.
3.Hey, B'Elanna, what are you going to do this year for the Day of Honor?
2.Captain? I'm getting some ...
Captain: Let me guess Harry: You're getting some strange readings and you aren't sure what they are, but they might be some sort of spacial anomoly?
Harry: Yes, Captain. How'd you know that? Captain?
1.Hey, Tom, what are you doing coming out of B'Elanna's quarters at this time of night?