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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Guests On The New Neelix Springer Show
Ginny -- 17 Aug 1998, 2:17 PM

10.A former Borg who saw the face of God...under a microscope.
9.Men who've done jail time on more than one planet.
8.Former terrorists who claim, "We were subjected to medical experiments while in the custody of a para-military organization!"
7.A man who uses a garage door opener to talk to imaginary animals.
6.A man who had his body stolen by an alien, and the girlfriend who says, "You know, I still kinda miss that guy."
5.People who've had near-death and way-past-death experiences...and lived to tell the tale.
4.A woman who dresses in black leather and high heels, but declares, "I am not some twisted S&M freak! I just want to rule the world!"
3.A man who was a practicing amphibian at one time in his life.
2.A man who openly dated a four-year old...and her parents didn't object.
1.Giant macroviruses...who just want to have fun.