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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten (Claymation) Death Matches I Would Like To See Involving Characters From Voyager
Jim C -- 17 Aug 1998, 12:49 PM

10.Janeway vs. June Cleaver - "You think the Beaver is a handful, you should try dealing with my crew."
9.Kim vs. Woody Allen - I just want to see which is the bigger wimp.
8.Paris vs. Leonardo DiCaprio - "I'll teach you to dilute the drooling chick pool...and cut your hair!"
7.Chuckles vs. Tommy Lee (drummer from Motley Crue) - Tommy Lee is a walking billboard. The man contains more ink under his skin than can be found in the production of the Sunday Times. "That's not a tattoo...this is a tattoo."
6.Tuvok vs. Bill Clinton - "Phony emotions are illogical. Now I'm going to kick your a$$."
5.Seven vs. Tammy Faye Baker - "Make-up is irrelevant."
4.Neelix vs. Rum Tum Tugger from the Broadway musical CATS - It's an all-star family feud!
3.Doc vs. Cy Spurling (president of the Hair Club for Men) - 'Nuff said.
2.Kes vs. Dionne Warwick - "I'll show you my psychic friend you phony!"
And the number one Death Match I would like to see:
1.Torres (note no descriptive nick names Mac) vs. Puffy, the dog on speed, from "There's Something About Mary" - "Puffy!!! Stop it!!!"