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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Changes You'd See In Voyager If The Nebulites Win Tonight's Powerball Lottery And Buy Paramount
Ruth -- 29 Jul 1998, 11:11 AM

10.Seven of Nine would get a breast reduction, and put in a Starfleet uniform and a pair of flat shoes.
 Sorry guys -- at this point I believe the estrogen brigade outnumbers the YAMs on the board. You really should recruit.
9.Tom, Chakotay, and Tuvok will adopt the latest in Delta Quadrant chic, and begin wearing black pants, thigh high leather boots, and pirate shirts. Garret Wang will be sent to a trainer to get rid of that baby fat, and his new function on the show will be to dress like a Chippendale dancer and serve drinks to the bridge crew during each new crisis.
 For a reason, see point 10 above.
8.In the first episode of the new season, VOYAGER is sucked into some kind of weird spatial anomaly, spit out, and before you can say Dolly the Sheep, the crew discovers there are TWO Toms!
 After a thorough medical exam, the doctor tells Janeway that the only difference between the two Toms is that one has blue eyes and the other gray, and that Tom2 prefers chicken broth with stars to tomato soup ....
7.Astute viewers of the show will begin to notice that Janeway acts, hmmm, different towards gray eyed Tom than to other members of her crew. She is often seen leaning next to his chair on the bridge, placing her hand on his shoulder, squeezing gently, inviting him to her quarters to discuss his thrusters, er to discuss a problem Voyager is having with its thrusters.
6.Chakotay is occasionally the first person on the ship to say, "I wonder if we should trust this guy?"
5.The first EXPLOSIVE two part episode of the new season? Two words: Pon Farr.
4.You will often hear the crew say: "Do you remember when Kes told us thus and so?"
3.They'll also say: "Andd dew yu r3emb3er wen Kess andd sevenn hadd too distractt thee badd guys bye mudd wreslin newd?!?!?!"
 That last would be Eric's contribution, complete with those flashback scenes we're always saying we want to see.
2.Blue eyed Tom and B'Elanna will have a grown up relationship, complete with witty repartee reminiscent of Nick and Nora Charles.
1.Meanwhile, gray eyed Tom has apparently inherited all of the angst and unresolved anger towards Chakotay. Chakotay's anger is compounded by gray eyed Tom's burgeoning relationship with the Captain. There'll be lots o'chest butting, lots o'spittle and torn uniforms, until Kathryn suggests that the three of them go to her new holoprogram, a cold dark cave where the three of them will have to huddle for warmth....

I had dinner with Ginny last night, and somehow I think this list shows her influence.

Julie the Kiminite -- 29 Jul 1998, 1:53 PM

I take exception to #9, this is how I see it:

9.Tom, Chakotay, and Tuvok will adopt the latest in Delta Quadrant chic, and begin wearing black pants, thigh high leather boots, and pirate shirts. Garrett Wang will take on a new role as sex therapist to 7, Janeway, and Torres working HARD and LONG at helping them OPEN UP...and take a major role in reinstating the atmosphere of Free Love from the 60's on Voyager.:-)