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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Signs That Tom And Kathryn Are Romantically Involved
Ginny -- 3 Aug 1998, 7:57 PM

10.B'Elanna is in an even pissier mood than usual.
9.Every time Tom announces on the bridge, "Initiating thrusters, Captain", Kathryn giggles, and Harry turns bright pink.
8.The Da Vinci holocharacter now has gray eyes and a really cute nose.
7.The Camaro now has a name -- Action Kate.
6.Kathryn "accidentally" leaves her coffee cup in Sick Bay for three mornings in a row.
5.New standing order: Tomato soup will be served with every meal.
4.The pool table talk at Sandrine's has taken on a slightly suggestive quality.
 Tom: "You need to adjust your grip, Captain. You're not holding the stick correctly."
 Kathryn: "You've never complained before."
3.Tom uses the bulk of his pool winnings to replicate an espresso machine for his quarters.
2.The following new holoprograms have been added to the computer database:
 --The Pirate Queen and the Admiral's Son
--The Prison Matron and the Youthful Offender
--The Creature from the Black Lagoon
And the Number One Sign that Tom and Kathryn are romantically involved:
1.She's leaning on him again.