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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Excuses For Not Flying In A Shuttle Craft With Commander Chakotay
Leonie -- 16 Jul 1998, 7:41 AM

10.I lied to the Captain and I have to report to Deuterium maintenance immediately
9.I annoyed Tuvok one too many times with my incessant chatter and now I have to de-gauss two transporter platforms using a micro-resonance scanner. Mr. Tuvok estimates that the task will take 47.2 hours.
8.I am scheduled to work in engineering fixing the last shuttle you took for a spin
7.I was out of replicator rations and eat Neelix's stew for three days straight, I was told to report to sickbay immediately.
6.I was Borg. I was able to be without oxygen while working in space (First Contact) I will jump out of the Cargo bay and land on the planet. I will adapt.
5.I'm sorry Commander, but Torres and I had a rather ummm... rough night last night. The doctor put me off duty for the next 24hrs and I have strict instructions not do anything strenuous.
4.I am scheduled to evolve any minute now
3.Today is the Day of Honor, I have been looking forward to enduring twenty painsticks and eating the heart of a sanctified Targ and working on my Klingon Spiritual Side.
2.Ayala is holding a public debate in the holodeck, all junior officers were ordered by the captain to attend to support his public speaking.
1.The captain put me under strict orders to avoid any activity which can lead to "cybernetic oblivion" after the Matura Class Nebula incident. Top on the list is shuttle flights with a certain commander who shall remain nameless. ".....Chuckles takes one out flies it about 98 Shuttlecrafts in the Bay"