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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Other Voyager Relics In The Kyrian Library
Leonie -- 16 Jul 1998, 7:38 AM

10.The Warship Voyager Exhilir of Killer Moods: A cup of watered down Coffee
9.A container of the Bio-Agent "Leola Root" which was used to poison the Kyrian water edible plant life seven hundred years ago
8.The engineering smock which was worn by Megan Delany to distract Tom Paris from making sexual advances. It seemed that she and her Sister Jenny had their celibacy vows on the ships record before they left Mars
7.The Doctor's program: The Holographic Orion Slave Girl; Charlene
6.The "Red Shirt". When the victim put it on, whatever transport he went on next, the driver would suddenly develop an elaborate tattoo on the right side of his face and crash the vehicle against a mountain. NO one EVER survived the crash
5."Kill-Toh" This device was known to impale its victims on detonation from its holder. It then makes a geometrical shape of the person's internal organs where it was lodged and transports it outside of the body.
4.The "Akoona" The Torture device which induced a dream like state in which the victim was killed my a hired "Animal Assassin" e.g. The Jackal
3.Janeway's Shrine to "Lassie" The Dog like being who always found himself home when summoned.
2.The Ball "Cue" used by Paris to castrate all the men who got in his way. It vaporized all organic tissue on contact. Be careful, it may still be active.
1.The Borg Barbie Torture Suit. Brown one piece spandex suit that when beamed into place on the victim (it had no zipper) , the surface area of the suit would shrink 20% every hour until it suffocated the victim to death and the deflated lugs were ejected through the chest area.