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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Books Taken Out From Voyager's Library By The Crew
Leonie -- 16 Jul 1998, 7:35 AM

10.Vorik: What Women Want (Why wait another seven years)
9.Doctor: Sarcasmrette Gum Theory: The Power to quit, the power to calm, the power to heal without sarcastic comments, with an extra chapter on the effective ingredients for fighting the "I'm a Doctor not a ...." craving .
8.Chakotay: Shuttlecrafts made Easy
7.Harry: The adventures of Tom Sawyer (and his friend Huck) (pre-Demon)
6.B'Elanna: The Harlequin Romance, "Fly Away with my Heart" (Awwwwh, how sweet)
5.Paris: (Strong) Smart Women, Foolish Choices
4.Recommended to Seven by the Doctor: Between Thought and Impulse; The Realm of Good Taste and its Applications in Self Expression, Ponderous or Otherwise.
3.Tuvok: Fire in the John ( After all he has been studying humans all his life).
2.Janeway: Java Talk (Coffee and Computers, those are the only things that she'll get satisfaction out of on this trip)
1.Seven: Captain Dearest