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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Pick Up Lines That Seven Has Tried On The Crew
Leonie -- 16 Jul 1998, 7:32 AM

Seven wanted to learn a bit more in terms of conversational skills after her experiences in the Mutara Class Nebula. She also wants to explore her emerging sexual drive. While the Doctor is away on one mission, she was going through his library and found:

"Tips for the Swinging Single Doctor" an old edition, she thought since he was married. She found the chapter "Tips for crafting more efficient Pick Up Lines" very interesting. She decided to practice on the crew. In a sweet sultry voice, she was overheard as saying:

10.To Ayala: .................and I promise you won't have to say a word.
9.To Neelix: Care to come to Cargo Bay 2 and help me cook from the inside out
8.To Vorik: .......I'll tell you what. If you take me as your mate, I promise not to "smash your arrogant little skull"
7.To Tuvok: You are going through the Ponn Farr, Resistance is Illogical
6.To B'Elanna: Is that a Bathleth behind your back or are you just glad to see me.
5.To Paris: Care to try some of your fancy maneuvers on me helm-boy
4.To Harry Kim: Rumor has it that your inner light is very strong... Come on Baby light my fire...........
3.To Janeway: I've been a bad girl.....Spank me.
2.To Chakotay: Can you guide me to finding the animal within this evening
1.To the Doctor: By the way Doctor, I find myself sexually attracted to you and I was wondering if you fully functional.