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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Other Holonovels Created By Tom And Tuvok
Leonie -- 16 Jul 1998, 7:28 AM

Tom and Tuvok decided that the reason that "Insurrection Alpha" was such a success was because the crew was a part of the program and because the story by its very nature was inflammatory. Taking B'Elanna's and Neelix's suggestion that the story should have more heart and that 20th Century Soaps have heart, action, passion and romance, they decided to base the holonovels they created on some of the soaps which were popular in the 1990's, here are the top ten scenarios that were constructed:

10."Many Lives to Live": The person gets to be ensign Kim
9."Die-Nasty": The Stories of the name-less ensigns/crewmen who suddenly and violently die when they begin to speak to the Bridge Crew.
8."The Dead and the Resurrected": Runs parallel to Die-Nasty, sports and attention when the ensigns/crew men are resurrected by mention of the Bridge Crew
7."Voyager Landing" A mystery soap holonovel: Highlights the difficulties of Voyager landing on unknown unnamed planets. Your mission should you chose to accept it is to be a red-shirt crew man who completes repairs in time without getting killed, be the matchmaker of three couples, two whom are ex's and explain why the captain landed the ship this time. (There's coffee in that bush. Umm, does coffee grow on trees?))
6."(D)'Allas": Highlights all the failed attempts of the Voyager crew to get home and the angst that the failed attempts cause the crew
5."Starship Voyager 74656": Highlights the intimate neurotic relationships of the crew
4."Another Time": The story of a man and woman who fought sexual tensions for years, how they did it, and what happens when it is finally released (Mature Officers Lt. and Higher only, please!!!!)
3."The Big and the Bountiful" : The stories of the relationships between the male members of the crew and two certain....ahem....Borg Implants.
2."All My Senior Officers": Highlights the relationship between the captain and the bridge officers. They all sleep with one another.
1."Captains Place": What really happens in the Ready Room ( Available in G: [all officers], R: [bridge crew officers] and X [Captain and First officer only], editions)