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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things We Will Discover About The Crew In "Pathways"
Ruth -- 16 Jun 1998, 8:03 PM

10.Chakotay also left a fiancee named Mark behind on Earth.
9.Harry Kim is the family black sheep. His father, Perry Kim, his mother, Carrie Kim, his older brother, Jerry Kim, and his sister, Tiffani-Amber Kim, all play the trombone.
8.For years there has been speculation that Janeway is Tom's real mother. Well, it turns out that his real mother is on Voyager, but it isn't Kathryn. It seems that years ago, the then Captain Owen Paris started flirting with a comely little cadet at Starfleet Academy. Flirting turned into something more, and she became pregnant. Having always wanted a son, Paris kept the child who was born from this adulterous union. The cadet then followed through on her own life long dream, and changed her name from T'Homasina to Tuvok after undergoing a sex change operation.....
7.The most prized item in Chakotay's medicine bundle: a can of black kiwi shoe polish.
6.The real reason that B'Elanna left Starfleet Academy: she found out she couldn't major in Home Ec.
5.The Holodoc is the first member of his family to become a doctor; in fact, he is the first holoprogram in his family to attend college. His father was virtual bartender at a place not unlike Sandrine's and his mother was a copy machine.
4.Neelix was considered a terrible cook in his home world, too.
3.Little Tommy Paris was expelled from Kindergarten when he was five. His crime: in order to impress a little red-haired girl, he snuck into the classroom during recess and "freed" the class's menagerie of pets. Unfortunately, the animals scattered, many left the building entirely, and before it was all over with, two hamsters were dead and there was a four day power loss in the tri-state area.
 However, he did get a kiss from the little girl.
2.The thing that Tuvok misses most from Earth: his soaps.
1.The young men of Chakotay's tribe must perform a ritual ceremony symbolizing their passage into manhood at age sixteen: taking nothing with them but their medicine bundle, a knife, and their horse, they head into the hills for a week of meditation. Unfortunately, Chakotay failed to complete the ritual on his first try because on his second day out he crashed his horse into the side of a mountain.