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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things We Will Discover About The Crew In "Pathways"
Leonie -- 10 Jun 1998, 9:42 AM

10.The primary reason that the Gel Packs were added to Voyager was to give Janeway extra hair gel for those deep space missions. (We stopped hearing about them once her hair got short)
9.Neelix was banned from cooking in the Talaxian Star System when he accidentally killed the President with his new dish "Leola Root Stew seasoned with Talaxian Red Hot Peppers.
8.Dr Zimmerman is pretty miffed that Voyager is lost in the DQ. It seemed that he programmed the ship's EMH to try to attract women in order to get a clue on how to do so himself.
7.The real reason that Paris and his Father don't get along is due to the loss of a bet. It seems that his father was able to date more women than Tom in a month.
6.The only award that Kim ever one at the Academy was one for being voted "The Ensign most likely to be foiled, spoiled or mutated on his first assignment".
5.B'Elanna wrote, "Women Warriors at the River of Blood"
4.The reason that Janeway was herald "The Master of the All-Nighter" had nothing to do with studying and everything to do with playing strip poker with the male cadets all night, winning and its consequences.
3.Seven of Nine has secretly wanted to get to earth. Ever since she "heard" through the "Collective" grapevine about it, she has always wanted to establish a direct neural link to that hot new drone, "Locutus of Borg"
2.Before being stranded in the Delta Quad, Chakotay did his Vision Quests the "Old Fashion" way, using these psychotropic herbs; marijuana and opium.
1.The real reason Tuvok left the Academy for a period of time had nothing to do with being dissatisfied, but everything to do with the paternity suit filed by a certain green skinned Orion slave girl.